Saturday, March 05, 2005

New comics 3/2

Captain America and the Falcon #13 (Christopher Priest/Dan Jurgens, Marvel)
I guess I was wrong about all the story elements from the last arc spilling over into this issue, since this does feel like a new start and isn't bogged down in the convoluted plotting of the last 12 issues. For once, I'm not totally confused, and Priest focuses on the most interesting aspect of this series, which is the changing personality of the Falcon. It makes me disappointed that the series is ending in one more issue, and I hope Priest gets the Falcon solo series he's been hinting at. Jurgens' art is serviceable; I've always found him generically competent, but it's still miles ahead of the rush job Greg Tocchini did on the last issue.

Fallen Angel #19 (Peter David/David Lopez, DC)
Another penultimate issue, and this feels like an anticlimax after the big wrap-up last issue. If the book were continuing as an ongoing, this wouldn't be a problem, since David does advance new subplots, but knowing that it all ends next issue makes me frustrated that David is spending the final two issues of the series on a throwaway cross-over with his Sachs and Violens characters, who strike me as a little lame and outdated.

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