Friday, June 17, 2005

Movies opening this week

Batman Begins (Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, dir. Christopher Nolan)
My review in Las Vegas Weekly
I am definitely in the minority in not liking this one, which is surprising to me. Not so much that having a negative opinion is the minority - this is the kind of movie that is so dour and self-important that critics starved for substance are bound to take it seriously - but that I have that opinion in the first place. This was probably the summer movie I was most looking forward to, being a comic book fan, a Chris Nolan (or at least Memento) fan and a fan of previous Batman movies (the Tim Burton ones). The trailers looked great to me. But I came away disappointed. It's not horrible, and I suppose you have to applaud a movie like this for being ambitious enough to take itself seriously at all, but it's so concerned with realism and respectability that it ends up being mind-numbingly dull. I much prefer a movie like Spider-Man 2, which manages to be both fun and meaningful, often within the same beat. Wide release

Kontroll (Sandor Csanyi, Zoltan Mucsi, Csaba Pindroch, dir. Nimrod Antal)
My review in Las Vegas Weekly
A definite style-over-substance sort of deal, but what style. Like a Hungarian version of a David Fincher film, only more obtuse (but in a good way). Much more satisfying than Batman Begins. Opened limited Apr. 1; in Las Vegas this week

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