Saturday, August 06, 2005

New comics 8/3

Wildsiderz #1 (J. Scott Campbell with Andy Hartnell, DC/Wildstorm)
Campbell's work, in particular his Danger Girl stuff, is one of my greatest guilty pleasures in comics. His stories are fluff and his art is pure eye candy depicting unrealistically-proportioned women, but it has such an exuberant sense of fun that I can't resist it. Campbell's regular writing partner Hartnell writes a lot of clever dialogue and fast-paced tales for Danger Girl, and doesn't get nearly enough credit. I haven't even minded that much when Hartnell has taken on the writing duties solo on some of the Danger Girl one-shots. Wildsiderz, though, is no Danger Girl. While DG was all about T&A, double entendres, and spy movie conventions, Wildsiderz is a tamer, more kid-friendly story, and it plays like a Saturday morning cartoon. A decent one with nice art, but not one with a whole lot of personality or cleverness. Plus, Campbell's going with digital inks for the first time instead of using longtime inker Alex Garner, and his work looks less polished as a result. It's an okay effort, but I won't pick up future issues; instead I'm more likely to get the new Danger Girl series with art by someone other than Campbell.

Y the Last Man #36 (Brian K. Vaughan/Pia Guerra, DC/Vertigo)
Vaughan finally starts to delve into what happened to Yorick's girlfriend Beth, and he does it with a sort of dream sequence/flashback story that gives us lots of little bits of information all at once. The result is that by the time Beth awakes at the end of the issue with the certainty that Yorick is alive, we have a real sense of who she is and what their relationship was like. There's not a lot going on in this issue plot-wise, but it's the perfect set-up for what's to come.

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