Thursday, December 08, 2005

The average moviegoer

I was in the comic book store yesterday, picking up my weekly haul, and as usual I was talking about movies with the two brothers who own the store (they are huge movie buffs). Another customer who was standing around decided to join the conversation and announced that he was not planning to go to the movies next until May 2006. Since we were in a comic book store, I guessed that he planned to see the third X-Men movie. Many comic book fans will only see movies that are based on comic books. But no, the one movie that will get this guy into a theater in the next six months is the remake of The Poseidon Adventure. Sad enough as it is that he has already discounted every other movie to be released between now and May, it's even sadder to think that all this talk about how the box office slump is caused by bad movies and pointless remakes is completely off the mark. Clearly the box office slump is caused by morons like this guy. Thanks, dude.

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