Sunday, February 04, 2007

New comics 1/31

Jack of Fables #7 (Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges/Tony Akins, DC/Vertigo)
Strangely, this issue starts a new storyline even though the previous one (only a two-parter, even) has not finished. A caption on the first page glibly notes that this is "more suspenseful," and that it'll be fixed in the trade. I guess it's good that the arcs are fairly self-contained here, although if there was any mystery about how Jack would get off the mountain and what shape he'd be in afterward, that's sort of blown. Anyway, this issue finds Jack and one of his fellow inmates from Golden Boughs in Vegas, and as the co-owner of the comics shop I go to complained, comics rarely represent Vegas accurately, or without relying on stereotypes. This is doubly sad here because Willingham actually lives in Vegas, but this issue still has the whole "casinos are run by crooked mobsters" and "people in Vegas get drunk and wind up married" bit, albeit with a supernatural twist. It's still a fun story, though, and this is probably the wrong book to be expecting verisimilitude from. It's good to see one of the supporting players from the first arc around while still moving forward from it and not having the whole book driven by Jack running from his former captors.

Also out this week: Not much I was interested in, apparently, although Ex Machina #26 didn't make it to my local store, so I'll pick that up next week.

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