Saturday, June 16, 2007

Movies opening this week

Um, yeah, so I basically haven't seen any movies opening this week since I've been very busy at CineVegas. All I've got is this obscure indie movie that no one cares about (including me). I'll be back at full capacity next week.

Steel City (Tom Guiry, John Heard, America Ferrera, Clayne Crawford, dir. Brian Jun)
My review in Las Vegas Weekly
This movie really is like something I'd see at CineVegas and kind of half-heartedly dismiss (it did in fact play at Sundance). It's not horrible, but it's so indie-cliche that it's boring, and it's not all that well-executed. Really, they're lucky that between shooting and release America Ferrera started doing Ugly Betty and became a big star. I bet that really helped the movie get distribution. Opened limited May 25; in Las Vegas this week

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