Friday, October 12, 2007

TV premiering tonight: Women's Murder Club

It's women! Solving crimes! Really, it's sort of sad that the gender of the main characters is the only twist that this thoroughly boring show has to offer on the standard procedural format. Sad not only because that's a pretty weak hook, but also because women achieving things on their own is apparently still a novelty, at least on TV crime shows. Other than some lame, forced female bonding moments, this show progresses exactly like every other crime show, then tacks on a lame plot twist to set up an ongoing storyline that's completely unnecessary. Far too many shows that should work as self-contained stories seem to be adding on superfluous ongoing mysteries this season, and the end of the Women's Murder Club pilot not only feels inconsistent, it also undercuts much of the supposed good work the characters did over the course of the episode. That puzzling development aside, there isn't anything here remotely original or interesting, and star Angie Harmon, who's been fighting crime on TV for years now, ought to find a new way to showcase her considerable talents, which are the show's only bright spot. ABC, Fridays, 9 p.m.

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