Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rookie Blue

ABC already tried and failed to put together a Grey's Anatomy-type lawyer show with The Deep End, and now they're doing the same sort of thing with cops in Rookie Blue. It's about as successful as you'd expect, with the sexy young cops doing slightly less bed-hopping (at least in the pilot) than those sexy young doctors and lawyers, but making up for it by enacting about half the world's cop-show cliches over the course of the first episode. If you can't predict pretty much every plot "twist," then you've probably never watched a cop drama (and apparently these newbie police officers never have either, because they're about 10 steps behind the audience at all times).

Missy Peregrym does a decent enough job in the Meredith Grey role, but otherwise the cast is unremarkable. And the creators go out of their way not to reveal that we're in Canada (the show is a Canadian co-production), although the speed-limit signs in kilometers per hour kind of give it away. That off-brand feel permeates Rookie Blue, which isn't sex-soaked enough to be a fun soap, but certainly isn't exciting enough to be anything close to a good cop drama. Instead it's just another ABC summer time-waster.

Premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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