Monday, March 07, 2011

New from Image: Carbon Grey, The Intrepids

Carbon Grey #1 (W: Hoang Nguyen/Khari Evans/Paul Gardner/Mike Kennedy; A: Khari Evans/Kinsun Loh/Hoang Nguyen) There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen on this one -- four credited writers and three credited artists. But it seems from the postscript by Hoang Nguyen (who's credited as a writer and artist) that he's the main force behind this book, and enlisted some help to bring his vision to life. It's an aesthetically striking vision, and the art seamlessly blends the styles of Nguyen, Khari Evans and Kinsun Loh, with a sort of steampunk-meets-WWI look that caught my eye and made me want to pick it up in the first place. The story, however, is kind of a mess, and I had to read over several bits multiple times to make sense of them, and only after reading Nguyen's essay in the back did I feel like I had a handle on what the story was supposed to be about. It's full of pseudo-profound narration and poorly established characters, and while I like the art and the setting, I'm not interested enough to pick up a second issue.

The Intrepids #1 (W: Kurtis J. Wiebe; A: Scott Kowalchuk) This one is a lot more fun, with a suitably silly Silver Age-style premise (four orphans taken under the wing of a scientific genius and given super-enhancements) and simple, appealing art that recalls the style of Darwyn Cooke. It's got a mix of goofy gimmicks (hot girls with jetpacks, cybernetically enhanced animals) and down-to-earth character development, and while it could be a little more lively, it's still an enjoyable read with a nice light tone and the potential for some more substantive character development down the line. I'll be checking it out to see where things go.

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