Sunday, May 08, 2005

New comics 5/4

Fallen Angel #20 (Peter David/David Lopez, DC)
Peter David has all but confirmed that the series will be continuing (most likely at IDW), so it's less disappointing that these last two issues have been a bit of an anticlimax. Honestly, with the resolution in issue 18, I would have been satisfied with the series just ending there, although I'll definitely pick it up in its new incarnation. This issue does at least advance some new subplots along with tying up the Sachs & Violens guest appearance, but as a closer to the series it's definitely less than satisfying.

G.L.A. #2 (Dan Slott/Paul Pelletier, Marvel)
There's a better balance of humor and seriousness than in the last issue, and Slott again succeeds in making these goofy characters interesting. He wallows a little excessively in obscure Marvel continuity, which I can appreciate because I'm familiar with a lot of it, but is sort of self-indulgent. Overall, though, this is stronger than the first issue, and is a fun superhero read with nice art and some great humor.

Villains United #1 (Gail Simone/Dale Eaglesham, DC)
Again, I am only reading these Infinite Crisis tie-ins because DC keeps sending them to me, and this one once again is full of characters I've never heard of referring to incidents I know nothing about. It is perhaps a little more accessible than Day of Vengeance and The OMAC Project, and Simone has a flair for snappy dialogue, but it's still just a small part of a larger story that hasn't grabbed my interest, and as such I doubt I'll bother with future issues (unless DC keeps sending them for free).

Y The Last Man #33 (Brian K. Vaughan/Goran Sudzuka, DC/Vertigo)
Sometimes I get complacent reading this book and then Vaughan pulls another crazy twist and forces me to sit back up and pay attention. This was one of those times. Not that the twist at the end of this issue was as shocking as some have been in the past, but I at least didn't see it coming, and it made me look at this somewhat low-key arc in a new way. I also like the way the relationships are developing among Yorick, Dr. Mann and 355, and I loved Yorick's sad acknowledgement in this issue that the death of all the males means he truly has no friends. The poor guy keeps hooking up with the wrong women, and he does so again here, but it always leads the story in interesting places.

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