Saturday, January 07, 2006

New comics 1/5

The Exterminators #1 (Simon Oliver/Tony Moore, DC/Vertigo)
This was definitely the best of the recent Vertigo launches (Loveless, DMZ, Testament), and the only one that actually made me excited to pick up the second issue. I'm not quite sure where Oliver is going with it, whether it's just a darkly comic story about exterminators, or whether it's a more science-fictiony tale of chemical-resistant superbugs, but either one is okay with me. He's got some weird and intriguing characters, clever dialogue and an odd enough premise to suggest going any number of directions. Plus pleasant, straightforward art from Moore. I'm optimistic for a long run from this one.

Y the Last Man #41 (Brian K. Vaughan/Goran Sudzuka, DC/Vertigo)
I was very confused at the beginning of this issue, because it starts in the middle of some crazy action and I was sure I'd forgotten what happened before. But it's actually just a jump ahead from last issue, and is only a framing device to tell Agent 355's origin. Which is not all that exciting, unfortunately. It doesn't really reveal much about her personality that we don't already know, nor is it a particularly gripping story on its own. Definitely a disappointing issue, and the second in a row where Yorick barely even appears. After the last two detour issues, I'm hoping things move forward again next month.

Also out this week: Down #3, although I somehow missed issue two, so I'll wait for that before reading them both.

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