Thursday, January 26, 2006

Weekend viewing

Havoc (Barbara Kopple, 2005)
A friend of mine with an, um, enthusiastic interest in Anne Hathaway insisted we rent this film, and I agreed not because of the chance to see the star of The Princess Diaries topless, swearing and having sex, but because I read in a couple of different places that this was one of those movies that got lost in the shuffle and deserved a better fate than going straight to video. Richard Roeper even said that he'd have it on his best of 2005 list if it had gotten a theatrical release. It was written by Stephen Gaghan, of Traffic and Syriana fame, and Kopple is a well-respected documentarian making her fiction debut. All of this sounded great, but in reality the movie ended up like a feature-length version of the Topher Grace/Erika Christensen scenes in Traffic, only without Steven Soderbergh's accomplished direction. It's sloppily plotted and poorly paced, and while I think Anne Hathaway is a very talented actress who's clearly got a strong career ahead of her, it's probably best that this movie went largely unseen.

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