Monday, May 08, 2006

New comics 5/3

The Exterminators #5 (Simon Oliver/Tony Moore, DC/Vertigo)
Once again, I neither loved nor hated this issue, which theoretically ends the first arc, although it doesn't really wrap anything up. I'm not sure whether to keep reading, since I find the book vaguely dissatisfying yet oddly intriguing. I can't really point to anything specific that I like about it, but at the same time, I do sort of look forward to each new issue. I suppose I'll wait until the next one is on the stands and decide at that moment whether to give up on this series or press on.

The Middle Man Vol. 2 #2-3 (Javier Grillo-Marxuach/Les McClaine, Viper)
Issue two came out last month, but my shop got both of them this week, which is nice, because they're each pretty brief reads. I think that Grillo-Marxuach is doing a better job of telling a cohesive story in this mini-series than he did in the first one, and all of his goofy elements are working together well. McClaine is great at both action and expressive faces, and this continues to be a very fun read.

Y the Last Man #45 (Brian K. Vaughn/Pia Guerra, DC/Vertigo)
It's revelations galore this issue, as we learn that Yorick's mom is dead, and that Dr. Mann's mother sent her to protect Yorick. We also see some interesting cracks in 355's facade, and Vaughn once again does a great job of creating the sense that these characters are genuinely in danger. This has been an excellent arc after the somewhat sluggish series of stand-alone stories, and is really moving things forward in a big way toward the eventual finale.

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