Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Weekend viewing

Sleepaway Camp (Robert Hiltzik, 1983)
It's been a while since I've rented a pure horror camp-fest, and I did so on the recommendation of Slant's "Camp Horror" feature. The guys at Slant take their horror very seriously, and their tastes are offbeat enough that I don't expect predictable mainstream crap from something they recommend, even if it's not something I like. This was disappointing, then, for being a pretty typical '80s slasher flick, with the exception of a few bizarro touches and the totally unnerving ending, which was so shockingly in your face that it almost convinced me to like the movie. Alas, the preceding 84 or so minutes, with the exception of Desiree Gould's completely unhinged and seemingly out of place performance, are still too boring and clumsy to warrant redemption. I've still got some more of Slant's horror picks in my queue, though.

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