Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CineVegas mid-point

Or thereabouts. I've been to 14 screenings so far this week and seen two really good features (one of which, The Puffy Chair, would definitely be in my top five films of the year so far, and is already out in limited release) and some surprisingly strong shorts as well. Plus plenty of crap, but that comes with the territory. I'm blogging about my CineVegas experience in detail on the Las Vegas Weekly MySpace page, and if you're interested in more coverage of the festival, the organizers have their own (highly self-congratulatory) blog, and some of the guys from Film Threat are also blogging about their festival experience. My colleague Richard Abowitz, who writes the LA Times' Las Vegas blog, has a number of posts about the festival as well. And of course there will be an orgy of coverage in Las Vegas Weekly this week and next.

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