Friday, July 28, 2006

Movies opening this week

Miami Vice (Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Gong Li, Naomie Harris, dir. Michael Mann)
My review in Las Vegas Weekly
After immersing myself in Michael Mann movies for a week in preparation for writing this essay, I was a little disappointed with Miami Vice, which didn't quite live up to what I perceive as the brilliance of Mann's earlier work. My friend who went to the screening with me was so bored and annoyed with the movie that he walked out and wandered the lobby several times during the film. I also had a tough time getting into the rhythm of watching the film, which is very slow in its first hour and often deliberately obtuse. But I was also really tired and worn-out from a day of work and car troubles by the time I made it to the screening, and probably wasn't able to give the movie my full powers of concentration (such are the perils of movie reviewing on deadline). Leaving the theater, I was disappointed, but reflecting afterward I found more and more to think about, as I often do with Mann's films, and I'd like to see it again in a more receptive frame of mind. So I don't think this is necessarily the most insightful review I've ever written, and given the glowing notices from very respectable people like Philadelphia Weekly's Sean Burns and New York Magazine's David Edelstein, I think there's more to the film than I was able to express. Wide release

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