Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weekend viewing

Tamara (Jeremy Haft, 2005)
There are far better things I could be watching, I know (I did re-watch The Third Man with my film-nerd discussion group over the weekend, too, though), but I really do need my cheesy horror movie fix every now and again, especially of the "hot, homicidal witch" variety. It probably goes without saying that this is a bad movie, but it's got a few glimmers of promise that make it even worse for seeing how much better it could have been. Tamara is a frumpy high school outcast who dies in a prank gone wrong and comes back to life as a slutty, evil temptress to take revenge on her tormenters. It's sort of like Carrie meets She's All That. And, really, a movie with that tagline sounds awesome to me, but this is way too skimpy on the gore and especially the T&A to be a good trashy slasher movie. And its stabs at social commentary - Tamara's revenge on the bulimic pretty girl involves getting her to literally eat herself, and her revenge on two macho jocks consists of forcing them to have sex with each other - are all half-assed and quickly abandoned. I guess I'll just have to go watch The Craft again instead.

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