Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TV premiering tonight: Jericho & Kidnapped

These are both shows that I was expecting and/or hoping to like more than I actually did. Jericho (CBS, Wednesdays, 8 p.m.) has the kind of sci-fi premise that would usually incline me to give a show a chance (it's about an isolated small town following a nuclear attack), and I probably would be watching it for at least a few weeks if it were, say, a summer show on Sci Fi. But with all the other interesting stuff on the air this season, the pilot just didn't grab me enough to get me to come back. Gerald McRaney gives a strong performance, and the concept has potential, but there are too many contrivances and cliched characters, and the show doesn't really bring anything new to the whole post-apocalyptic genre. Other reviews seem to indicate it's going to be more about the town residents than about the whole nuclear war concept, which makes me even less concerned about giving it a pass.

Kidnapped (NBC, Wednesdays, 10 p.m.) is yet another serialized show following one storyline over the course of a season, and it has a similar concept to Fox's lame Vanished. But it's created by Jason Smilovic, who was behind ABC's clever and underrated Karen Sisco a few years ago, and it's got an impressive cast that features Delroy Lindo, Jeremy Sisto, Dana Delany and Timothy Hutton, among others. I found the pilot mildly interesting and generally well-made, and certainly better than Vanished, but nothing that hooked me enough to feel like I had to tune in again. That's the problem with both of these shows: They set up sweeping mysteries that ultimately come off as rather mundane, and the characters that prop up the plot are just not complex or well-developed enough to make up for the storytelling deficiencies.

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