Monday, March 14, 2005

New comics 3/9

Fables #35 (Bill Willingham/David Hahn, DC/Vertigo)
The Jack in Hollywood storyline wraps up in a fairly predictable fashion, although it's entertaining enough. What's more interesting is the way Willingham teases developments in the core storyline that occurred while Jack was away. I'm looking forward to getting to those next issue, and to the return of Mark Buckingham on art (not that Hahn did a bad job).

Vimanarama #2 (Grant Morrison/Philip Bond, DC/Vertigo)
As I mentioned yesterday when I wrote about Seaguy, when Morrison throws everything and the kitchen sink into a story, he tends to lose me, and this is threatening to go in that direction. For now, though, I'm still enjoying it, especially in the small emotional moments between Ali and Sofia. The grand, weird world-ending stuff is less intriguing, but it's a fun read overall.

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