Monday, April 04, 2011

Bette Davis Month returns for a week

Last April, in honor of what would have been the 102nd birthday of Bette Davis, I wrote a month's worth of posts on Davis' movies, and when that ended I just kind of kept going, posting periodic bonus pieces on whatever Davis movies I happened to watch, mainly because I love Bette Davis even in the most forgettable trash, and I find each of her performances fascinating in some way. I figured I might as well stick with it as long as there were more Davis movies to watch (and she made a lot of them). And since it's once again April, and tomorrow would mark Davis' 103rd birthday, and I had a backlog of Davis movies I'd been meaning to watch and write about, I decided to do a condensed version of Bette Davis Month for the next week. Seven days, seven Davis movies, from the '30s to the '70s. I've gotten this far, and there's no going back now. Enjoy.

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